Drill Team Hawaii is an all girl, Performance /Competition Dance Team. It is known for its entertaining, well choreographed, precisely executed routines which combine the elegance of ballet, the excitement of jazz, the energy of Hip Hop and the thrill of gymnastics.

Drill Team is more than just a dance team.

It's a place that helps girls learn to do everything in life with a spirit of excellence.

It teaches girls to be part of a group which tries to instill in each girl a sense of confidence and self-esteem.

It gives girls the chance to be a team member, which teaches them commitment, responsibility and leadership.

It sets a standard of behavior which then becomes a personal set of standards in their life.

It helps them recognize and appreciate the talents of others.

It is a safe place to learn that doing our best in life is what is important

It teaches the girls to "never mark in dance class... or in life."

DRILL TEAM HAWAII presently comprises 98 girls from various public and private schools around Oahu. The team performs regularly at local sporting events and various community service events, as well as producing two major concerts during the year. Local and National competitions are a part of the teams activities. The team generally travels to the mainland every other year to compete, but also attends local competitions.


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