Penny Young founded Drill Team Hawaii and has been the director for more than four decades. Born in Ogden, Utah, Penny’s love of dance emerged as a 5-year-old at her mother’s dance school. Penny is the mother of three children and married to Craig Young, an instructor at Punahou School.

She began her career as a dance instructor at Salt Lake City’s Cyprus High School where she established the first drill team in the Salt Lake area. That drill team, "The Spinnakers", still remains a well-known, winning dance team.

In 1968, she moved to Hawaii after accepting a position at Brigham Young University - Hawaii as Director of Student Activities and dance instructor.

Two years later she joined the St. Andrew's Priory where she established a dance team called the "First Priority." She directed a group of 16 girls who performed at sporting events throughout the state.  A few years later she expanded and added younger girls and invited girls from other schools to join the team. This combined group is known today as Drill Team Hawaii.